Published Essays

Kai Cheng is an essayist on identity, sexuality, gender, and mental health, among other issues, and is a regular contributor to several online publications. Most notably, her work has been featured on xojane, Youngist Magazine, and Everyday Feminism. She was a columnist for two years running at The McGill Daily.  She has also been a reviewer for montreal Review of books

Feature Writer at Everyday Feminism – ongoing posts about intersectional feminism, mental health, and activism

What I Wanted to Wear Feature – written as part of a series for an online publication on featuring contemporary transgender writers!

Author page at xojane – freelance articles on life and (self-)love as a transwoman of color2gender

Author page at Youngist – a short-lived column on sex and dating!

Escaping Eden: Fashion Shoot and Essay collaboration withYellow Noise Magazine – a visual essay and photographic meditation on beauty, femininity,and monstrosity

Column for McGill Daily – my first-ever column pieces on identity, race, and gender

Reviewer page at montreal Review of books – reviews of books by Montreal authors

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